Friday, October 19, 2012

I never make post title's do I? Oh well.

Hello again! Do any of you ever blog in your head? You kind of think of things and tell your story, but you're just talking to yourself. This is... most definitely me. I just did it today while I took a shower, so now I have some ideas!
Recently, I got started on watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) and I don't think I ever would have if it weren't for cosplaying. When working on my first cosplay I started watching Korra, as it had just come out a couple weeks prior and I was looking for something in english that I could watch and be able to sew things at the same time. I knew where was a lot of hype around it, but I didn't really expect to fall in love with it. Everything I usually watch is on the moeblob side to be honest? I try not to think of it that way, but it might be true....

I told my friend what I was writing about and he mentioned shipping, so right off the bat i'm going to say that i expected to like zutara and didn't. There was so much hype about zutara that i felt like it was going to be a lot more prominent, but it really wasn't. Meanwhile ZUKO AND MAI. I might be kinda spoilerish, but I have to say that I didn't even really like Mai until the end where she helped Zuko and Company escape that prison. That really took guts and it was undoubtedly the best thing she did in the series. I didn't like her mostly because of her attitude, and Zuko was pretty much the same until a point. Although he had a lot more internal conflict because of the relationship with his uncle. While I'm on the topic of characters of the fire nation, I have to mention my favorite character.

I love Azula. I love her so much. Definitely out there, but still a princess. You can't blame her for the way she turned out because of how she was raised! 

I think this is enough of a post for now? Ehehehe~ Comments are always appreciated! Thank you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

...Again i haven't been here for a while have I? May as well make a hefty post! I feel like.. I never really told my readers about myself. So maybe I'll start with that?

My name is Angie and I'm a full time NEET and cosplayer. Recently learned how to sew on my own via youtube videos and the internet in general. I've made three costumes by myself so far, but I already have so many more planned.
2 fabric boxes....

Well... I feel like I have a lot less to say about myself then planned. Of course I'm an "otaku" for lack of a better word... I'm going up to San Francisco to see exclusive screenings of the first two Madoka movies in October and Tiger & Bunny this weekend!

Movie posters!

What was the last movie you guys saw in the theater? I can't even remember... Maybe the Woman in Black? I'm hoping to see the Silent Hill movie this October since i'm a pretty big fan, even though I'll probably be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

After a very long period (over a year?) of not remembering my account info I have returned~!

Hello to those of you still here~
I plan to start posting more frequently from now on!  For now I suppose I'll go over what I've been watching this season!

Mirai Nikki
Well, how do I even begin talking about this anime? I know it was really hyped as it was a really popular manga. Personally I've only read the first couple chapters and I've just kept up with the anime. I have to say, this show gets pretty ridiculous. I was watching it with someone else and he decided to drop it because of the episode where Yukki and Yuno break into the police station and kill a bunch of people and end up escaping. Just how did grown police men get beaten up by 14 year olds?! Anime. I feel guilty for enjoying it at times, but it is addicting. My favorite character is Uryuu Minene just because eh, shes a pretty cool girl who sets off bombs and doesn't afraid of anything. The two main characters have actually become the least likeable! I'm definitely going to stick with this til the end and avoid spoilers as I have for the last couple months, so I have to watch it every Sunday night I believe? Which leads me to something that is released every week on mondays...
I must admit, when this first came out i had zero expectations for it. I mean, Ali Project did the OP, come on. (That song has also grown on me immensely, I don't even listen to them normally!) I was watching it though, while being extremely negative about it calling it "Higurashi for newfriends" (wow im an asshole) The show does get pretty intense though, especially in episode 11. We also find out more about Misaki and the realllly dumb MC as the series progresses. Something about those really generic brown/black hair uguuusojapanese male protags is really tiring though sometimes. But yes, It is a lot better than I thought it would be and I would recommend it.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys hopefully I'll make more posts in the future and catch up on what you guys have been up to lately.

Friday, March 11, 2011


From seeing the buildings being swept away to the broken figs, I can say I'm relatively sad and quite worried about Japan right now.

I did find a list of safe seiyuu/Anime studio's that I will repost.

Currently confirmed:

Aguri Igarashi
Ai Shimizu
Ai Yasawa
Akemi Takada
Aki Kanada
Aki Toyosaki
Akio Watanabe
Akira Ishida
Akira Toriyama
Arina Tanemura
Asami Shimoda
Atushi Kousaka
Atsushi Ohkubo
Aya Hisakawa
Aya Hirano
Ayahi Takagaki
Ayumu Asakura
Bisco Hatori
Chako Abeno
Chihiro Suzuki
Chika Umino
Daisuke Kishio
Daisuke Namikawa
Daisuke Ono
Echiro Oda
Emiri Kato
Eri Kitamura
Fumiko Orisaka
Go Inoue
Gosho Aoyama
Haruka Tomatsu
Hideo Ishikawa
Hikari Midorikawa
Hinako Takanaga
Hiroki Yasumoto
Hiroshi Kamiya
Hiroya Oku
Hiroyuki Takei
Hozumi Gōda
Humikane Shimada
Hyouta Fujiyama
Jun Fukuyama
Junichi Suwabe
Junko Mizuno
Kana Ueda
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kanon Wakeshima
Katsuyuki Konishi
Kazue Kato
Kazuhiko Inoue
Kazuya Minekura
Ken Akamatsu
Kenishi Suzumura
Kenji Kamiyama
Kenta Miyake
Kia Asamiya
Kikuko Inoue
Kishô Taniyama
Kiyohiko Azuma
Koge Donbo
Kouichi Yamadera
Kouta Hirano
Kurea Aida
Lily Hoshino
Madhouse Studios
Mami Kosuge
Mamoru Hosoda
Mamoru Miyano
Masashi Kishimoto
Masaya Onosaka
Masakazu Morita
Marina Inoue
Mayu Shinjo
Mayumi Aida
Megumi Hayashibara
Megumi Nakajima
Megumi Ogata
Mel Kishida
Mick Takeuchi
Minako Kotobuki
Minori Chihara
Mitsuki Saiga
Miyu Irino
Nao Yazawa
Natsuki Takaya
Natsume Ono
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Noriaki Sugiyama
Urobuchi Gen
Rei Hiroe
Reno Amagi
Rica Fukami
Rica Matsumoto
Rie Tanaka
Romi Park (Paku)
Ryohgo Narita
Ryotaro Okiayu
Ryuji Gotsubo
Shoutaro Morikubo
Tadashi Agi
Taiten Kusunoki
Takagi Motoki
Takahiro Fujimoto
Takahiro Mizushima
Takahiro Sakurai
Takeharu Ishimoto
Takehito Koyasu
Temari Matsumoto
Tite Kubo
Tokokazu Sugimura
Tomokasu Seki
Tomokazu Sugita
Tsubasa Yonaga
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Touko Akiba
Ume Aoki
Usamaru Furuya
Yana Toboso
Yasuhiro Nightow
Yoko Hisaka
Yoko Kanno
Yoshitoshi ABe
Yui Horie
Yukako Kabe
Yukari Higa
Yukari Tamura
Yuki Kaida
Yuki Kamatani
Yun Kouga
Yuuichi Nakamura
Yuu Asakawa
Yuuki Kaji

List may be incorrect if you look at this later on due to more people being found. Right now I'm concerned about Kana Hanazawa, Kugimiya Rie, and Norio Wakamoto. ;_; Maodka is also delayed two weeks. I'm pretty sure JC staff, Gainax, and SHAFT got hit.

I'm not a religious person, but I will stay say that I'm praying for the safety of those in Japan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Onii-chan + Koihime Musou

Koishime Musou is getting a fighting game apparently. Can't say that I really expected it, although it is quite popular, already having 3 seasons? 4 seasons? I don't even know. But yeah, it's getting a 2D fighter for those who didn't already know. I've only seen seasons one and two of the series, but it'll be great if it gets a PC release and we can all play it. \o/ Seems to have a tag team system like umineko fightan~

My posts are really short and to the point, I know ;_; I feel bad for not even making a valentines day post! Didn't really do anything, had school. Ate a box of raisinets since it's obligatory chocolate day anyway. Do you ever tell yourself you're going to start something and don't? I always wish I studied Japanese to read my weeaboo visual novels, but I don't put forth any effort. I know kana/kata and that's it. Life is boring. Staying inside all day erryday, playing dumb games (LoL ;_;) and occasionally watching anime.

The only thing I'm really keeping up with this season is Madoka and Onii-chan no koto though. Don't even ask me why I'm watching Onii-chan, because it's pretty dumb.
MC does know what's good though~ School swimsuits. SOOOO GOOD. Why don't American High schools have school swimsuits? ;_; Sure the swimming team had them, but they were REALLY ugly.

Another screen shot from Onii-chan. Even thought I knew the MC and the blonde childhood friend were taking photos together, I spaced out for a bit and for some reason when I saw this scene, I could have swore it was a picture of Koromo and Saki from 咲-Saki-. You have to admit, it does kind of look like them.

Here, Have some .gif's:


Okay, so I must say. This kid has major swagga.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I actually played this game a while ago, but I figured I'd make a post on it. So, MC is just your average guy, eh, gets into a prestigious music school and doesn't afraid of anything. I don't recall playing a game with an orange haired MC befo-.....F/SN. NEVERMIND.

Out of the 3 girls, Charlotte was the cutest. Holy shit, that tsuntsun. Also, littlewitch art is amazing. hgngnghgng. I wish to be that skilled. The first game I found out about made by them was Littlewitch Romanesque actually; which I gawked over. Anyway, Char~ That cute tsuntsun is toooo cute. I ended up doing her route first. You have to do a bit of her route anyway to get into others routes no matter which one you choose anyway~
Juni (right) and Shi...shi.....HOLD ON IM GOING TO LOOK THIS UP. Shuhua. (left)
Okay, I'm usually a huge megane chara fag, but Shuhua....she....wasn't my favorite. I don't know what it is. The story played out really fast, and I felt that she should have gone along with the guy that always picked her up from school. Her story didn't have much to do with music, but you do feel sorry for her. Juni on the other hand is cute and energetic~ Pretty moe. Compared to Charlotte, these stories felt...shorter? There's a lot more focus on Char since she's the main heroine. One of the coolest things about this game was the way it played. The whole speech bubble concept in it was nice, and the music was relaxing as well. I've always wished I had played an instrument and the violin is just beautiful. I don't want to give out a lot of spoilers so I'm going to keep it short. It's a lot different from other VN'S, so I'd recommend it. A nice way to spend a Sunday.

So, comments? Did you play this game? If so, who was your favorite? If not, do you know how to play any instruments?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post post post

Hello bloggers! I've been gone for a while, but I am glad to say that I am no longer being lazy and updating this, hopefully I'm returning for good, after who knows how long. 

In the time I was gone I went on a vacation to go see Family and Friends in December for Winter break. That was quite enjoyable, besides not having access to a computer. When I came back I just decided not to blog about anything, deciding it had been too long since I blogged anyway and now it's even longer! Hmm, well. Since I've been Back I played Quartett!(Newly translated VN! ehh it's been a while though), so I'll probably make a post on that and lots of MADOKA MAGICA. I can't get enough of Chidamari Sketch. I don't think I'll do major spoilers on here though, that's no fun! Speaking of spoilers and fun, I still need to read Umineko 7. Hopefully it's pretty good, I've heard some stuff about the ending just by skimming threads, but I try to ignore it.

Also, Happy new year! Today happens to be Chinese New Year as well, so happy new years to all you gooks out there. Enjoy your red envelopes ;_;