Monday, September 24, 2012

...Again i haven't been here for a while have I? May as well make a hefty post! I feel like.. I never really told my readers about myself. So maybe I'll start with that?

My name is Angie and I'm a full time NEET and cosplayer. Recently learned how to sew on my own via youtube videos and the internet in general. I've made three costumes by myself so far, but I already have so many more planned.
2 fabric boxes....

Well... I feel like I have a lot less to say about myself then planned. Of course I'm an "otaku" for lack of a better word... I'm going up to San Francisco to see exclusive screenings of the first two Madoka movies in October and Tiger & Bunny this weekend!

Movie posters!

What was the last movie you guys saw in the theater? I can't even remember... Maybe the Woman in Black? I'm hoping to see the Silent Hill movie this October since i'm a pretty big fan, even though I'll probably be disappointed.


  1. Awesome posts, nice to meet you Angie! you should check out my reviews. Followed, hope you do the same

  2. this reminds me! I used to have my room full of posters, movie posters

  3. Let's see what else you'll share with us. :)