Thursday, September 30, 2010

Running in the 90's!

I'M JUST RUNNING IN THE 90'S. Have any of you watched Intial D? My friend is trying to convince me to watch it with him. I've only really listened to the music though, and I'm not super into cars. So, have you guys seen it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An akiba-music post on an akiba-pop blog?!

To be more specific, a denpa post! You might not know what "denpa" exactly is at the moment, but I assure you, if you're into anime you've probably heard it more than once.

Denpa (電波) means “electro-magnetic wave” in Japanese, and denpa-kei (電波系), or denpa-type, is a term for the kind of strange people who seem to be listening to something that only they can hear (in other words, picking up some weird radio waves). It doesn’t just apply to the kind of weirdos who run around wearing tinfoil hats, though, it has come to extend to people who live off in their own little dream worlds and have trouble communicating with the real world (mostly otaku). So, in essence, denpa songs are songs made to appeal to these types of people.

So basically, Denpa music is the moe-kei type stuff from Japan you hear. The kind of music specifically heard in eroge openings. Considered one of the most annoying types of music to be honest, but weirdos (like myself) can't get enough of these moe girls screaming random phrases that don't make sense throughout songs like nyaa and chu chu! Some of the oldest examples of this type of music:

True my heart - ave;new feat. Saori Sakura

Miko Miko nurse - Ruzarin Kashiwagi

The moe moe high pitched voice, along with singing about things that don't make sense makes up Denpa music! Not that anything makes much sense when you can't understand Japanese. As I said earlier, this type of music is definitely not for everyone, and considered TOO cute for the most part (or just really annoying and irritating because of the high pitch vocals and high BPM).

Well, this is just an introdution post, I'll probably write more on specific denpa albums in the future! Thank you for reading~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is what it is.

Anyway, how was your day guys? Went to school, played league of legends, blogged and commented on stuff. So uneventful ;_; and I'm terrible at league. Does anyone here play? I literally just started and I'm terrible.

Cirno Style

Sorry Cirno, but I don't think Aya style works well on anyone.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd - PoPiPo (Vegetable Juice)

It's still Miku Monday where I live, so I'm posting this! So moe~


I decided I would draw a touhou a day (if I have time that is), so here's the first one! Ah, Medicine. I feel bad for her sometimes. She's so unloved! Hopefully I'll see some progress in my sketches and doodles if I post them here. Also note: I'm not a very serious drawer at all. I doodle all day everyday. I don't know if I could really stand 8 hours on a drawing. My patience isn't that great.
ALSO, I HAVE DECIDED THAT DOTD STANDS FOR DRAWING OF THE DAY! ....does it stand for anything else? I don't even know I just made it up on the spot.

My mother just walked in and asked me if I was watching anime porn. God damn. I don't know how to feel about this. Do your parents comment on your hobbies?


I figured I may as well make a post about my lovely waifu, Remilia Scarlet.
The cutest vampire I know. The most Charismatic as well, but even cute without it.
Before I knew Gensokyo I knew Remilia first of all.
I walked the halls of the Mansion before I ever dreamed of walking beneath that perfect night sky.
I loved Remilia before all the others; she was the first.

Out of every inhabitant of Gensokyo Remilia was the first I met.
Had she not been the first I could easily have fallen for any of the others - but I knew Remi:

before Rumia, with whom I shall never fear the dark;
before Cirno, in whom I see the genius no one else does;
before Alice, who will never be alone as long as I live;
before Marisa, who stole nothing from me that I did not offer freely;
before Flandre, of whom I confess I'm still slightly afraid;
before Patchouli, whose appetite for reading re-ignited my own;
before Sakuya, whose trust I had to earn and whose gift I hear ticking away even now;
and the many, many others of whom I have heard much but have yet to have the pleasure of meeting.

It's no secret that I love all of them - but Remilia was the first.
I love Gensokyo and everyone in it, but not one of them as much as I do the Scarlet Devil.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, what do you guys think of this whole "official" touhou anime thing? It looks...nice. That's all I really feel like I can say. I don't really know how to feel about it. I'll watch it anyway, even if it's terrible. Just like how I did with the Umineko and Chaos;head anime. Anyway, Thoughts about this?
Started this blogging stuff recently! Let's work together!