Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An akiba-music post on an akiba-pop blog?!

To be more specific, a denpa post! You might not know what "denpa" exactly is at the moment, but I assure you, if you're into anime you've probably heard it more than once.

Denpa (電波) means “electro-magnetic wave” in Japanese, and denpa-kei (電波系), or denpa-type, is a term for the kind of strange people who seem to be listening to something that only they can hear (in other words, picking up some weird radio waves). It doesn’t just apply to the kind of weirdos who run around wearing tinfoil hats, though, it has come to extend to people who live off in their own little dream worlds and have trouble communicating with the real world (mostly otaku). So, in essence, denpa songs are songs made to appeal to these types of people.

So basically, Denpa music is the moe-kei type stuff from Japan you hear. The kind of music specifically heard in eroge openings. Considered one of the most annoying types of music to be honest, but weirdos (like myself) can't get enough of these moe girls screaming random phrases that don't make sense throughout songs like nyaa and chu chu! Some of the oldest examples of this type of music:

True my heart - ave;new feat. Saori Sakura

Miko Miko nurse - Ruzarin Kashiwagi

The moe moe high pitched voice, along with singing about things that don't make sense makes up Denpa music! Not that anything makes much sense when you can't understand Japanese. As I said earlier, this type of music is definitely not for everyone, and considered TOO cute for the most part (or just really annoying and irritating because of the high pitch vocals and high BPM).

Well, this is just an introdution post, I'll probably write more on specific denpa albums in the future! Thank you for reading~


  1. I love this kind of music. Could listen to it all day.

  2. Loving the first one a lot. thanks for the insight on this genre of music!

  3. it's not just an anime music! it is the most sugary and sweet kind of japanese music (even music at all).