Monday, September 27, 2010


I figured I may as well make a post about my lovely waifu, Remilia Scarlet.
The cutest vampire I know. The most Charismatic as well, but even cute without it.
Before I knew Gensokyo I knew Remilia first of all.
I walked the halls of the Mansion before I ever dreamed of walking beneath that perfect night sky.
I loved Remilia before all the others; she was the first.

Out of every inhabitant of Gensokyo Remilia was the first I met.
Had she not been the first I could easily have fallen for any of the others - but I knew Remi:

before Rumia, with whom I shall never fear the dark;
before Cirno, in whom I see the genius no one else does;
before Alice, who will never be alone as long as I live;
before Marisa, who stole nothing from me that I did not offer freely;
before Flandre, of whom I confess I'm still slightly afraid;
before Patchouli, whose appetite for reading re-ignited my own;
before Sakuya, whose trust I had to earn and whose gift I hear ticking away even now;
and the many, many others of whom I have heard much but have yet to have the pleasure of meeting.

It's no secret that I love all of them - but Remilia was the first.
I love Gensokyo and everyone in it, but not one of them as much as I do the Scarlet Devil.