Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imoutos, etc.

I CAN RELATE TO THIS IMOUTO! Then again, I can relate to this one too:

So many great Imoutos this season! Let's not forget Mikan from Love-to-ru as well, although I'm not watching it.

Impressions of anime so far:

Yosuga no Sora:
It's kind of cute! The Imouto at least. I felt bad for her 90% of the time I was watching it. She refuses to go to school and stays home alone while her brother goes. and of course, EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN THIS SHOW IS IN LOVE WITH THE BROTHER. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. HOLY SHIT BLUSHING EVERYWHERE. TEEHEEE. NO. Automatically in love. It's just the way it has to be. That was probably what made watching this show so dumb. I've seen this before, you just added incest. They left off on a pretty big cliff hanger though, so i'll probably end up watching the next episodes. This series probably let me down the most ALONG WITH

Star driver:

I don't even want to start on this show. HOW MUCH MORE GENERIC MECH CAN YOU GET? YOU CAN'T. IT'S LIKE YOU TOOK THE WORSE ASPECTS OF A GENERIC MECH SHOW AND THREW IT IN ONE. Sorry for the caps. Does anyone remember kurogane no linebarrels? It's exactly like that. I couldn't stand that, and I definitely can't stand this. It really isn't my kind of anime. Also, the screen cap. It looks like I'm watching long necks: the anime.

The world only god knows:
I don't know how much more fabulous you can get. This show REALLY exceeded my expectations. It was funny, the art style was great, the characters were likable. I had only read ~2 chapters of the manga, but after watching this episode, I'm encouraged to just take time out of my schedule (lolwhatschedule) and read the manga. I recommend this, even if you haven't read the manga!
 Dweeb >>> Pretty galactic boy.

Ore Imouto:
CHECK OUT THAT COLLECTION. SHE EVEN HAS SCHOOL, CROSS AND SUMMER DAYS. Probably one of, if not the greatest imouto ever. I'll be keeping up with this show! I read the first chapters of the light novel and manga. Pretty good anime adaption. Can't wait for the rest!

I still plan on watching bakuman and maybe some other things this season and giving them a try.


  1. Everyone's catching up on their anime except for me.

    >It looks like I'm watching long necks: the anime.

    Damn, did I laugh at this and the picture!

    >So many great Imoutos this season!

  2. >Everyone's catching up on their anime except for me.
    I did download them, still i haven't seen anything. ;__;
    Always remember: Mikan >>> every other imouto

  3. >Everyone's catching up on their anime except for me.

    And DEM GAME REFERENCES in Ore no Imouto.
    Kirino > every other imouto

  4. I still have shows from two years ago I haven't seen. It's just too much effort going through them. ;_;

  5. It's sad that I've seen all the new shows but haven't finished the old ones. Pitiful haha

  6. >Everyone's catching up on their anime except for me.

    I'm still at least a season behind.

  7. >Everyone's catching up on their anime except for me.

    I've been far too busy to watch anime, sadly.

  8. i can relate to the first one too :D

  9. Cool i will try to check some of these out.

  10. I'll try to watch this :D

  11. Hm, sounds somewhat interesting. I might have to give this a peep!

  12. Just don't get that crazy jap stuff