Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tewhew posters among other things

Isn't mine, but I wish it was. Photo courtesy of /jp/. Been thinking of getting something like this done for a while. It just looks so damn nice and classy. Thinking of maybe doing this online, because I have no idea where i would get a poster printed this big where I live. Also, power levels etc. If not a touhou poster, then maybe the umineko portraits. If I get one of battler, does that make me gay? He's fabulous. My room needs some classing up. I need to paint the walls as well. I can't live with this color much longer. I won't even tell you guys what color my room is. It's just that HAZUKASHII.

I've seen several rooms with these kind of framed pictures on /jp/ and /a/. In my opinion, it looks SO MUCH BETTER than the megami poster cutouts.

The former just look so much better. If there's one thing "otaku" do wrong, it's usually the fact that they choose quantity over quality.


  1. I dreamed with a room like those at my 15.,

  2. i agree looks way nice when you can still see the wallpaper :D